Western Drywood Termite

drywood termitesThe common name refers to its western United States distribution and to the fact that it lives in wood which has relatively low moisture content (12% or less). However, it can easily be transported outside these areas in infested furniture, picture frames, etc. Swarmer (alate0 about 7/16-1/2” (11-12.5 mm) long including wings. Color orange brown to dark brown.

Drywood termites are non-subterranean termites; they do not live in the ground, require no ground contact, and do not build mud tubes. The colonies are located in the wood they eat and are of small size when compared to subterranean termite colonies. Sign of infestation include swarmers, shed wings, piles of fecal pellets, termite plugs (kick out holes) which seal all openings in infested wood.

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