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Arizona’s Termite Territory: Where You’re Likely to Find Them

If you’re concerned about termite damage in your home, knowing where these pests live and how they behave can help you protect your investment. From understanding swarming colonies’ behavior to knowing where to look for signs of an infestation, Arizona Exterminating arms you with the knowledge you need to prevent expensive damage from termite invasions.

Swarming Colonies

Termite swarms can be found inside or near the home, especially after it rains. These groups are made up of mature swarmers with a variety of roles. The non-winged termite is either a forager or a soldier. Winged termite members, which include reproducers and the colony’s king and queen, are often found near light sources. Swarming is most common in the spring. After they finish breeding, winged termites find new places to breed and form new colonies. You’re likely to spot them near doorways and windows.

The Drywood Termite

Like its name implies, the drywood termite’s habitat is found inside fallen timber, firewood, and other types of dry wood. They eat the wood they call home, including furniture and the walls of your house. These tunnel diggers weaken a structure’s support beams, resulting in costly damage if the problem isn’t caught early and effective termite control solutions applied. Numbering in the thousands, these hungry swarms also dine on plastic, plant-based fabrics and wallpaper.

The Subterranean Termite

This destructive termite’s swarms can number in the millions. It requires soil contact, so workers form mud tubes to access food sources above the earth. Workers eat cellulose and feed other members of the colony that can become dehydrated when outside their subterranean environs. Look for mud tubes along your home’s foundation as indicators of an infestation by these underground termites. Warped walls, signs of water damage, visible mazes, and swelling of ceilings and floors are good indicators that this termite species has made itself at home in your home.

Professional Help

If you suspect or see signs of an invasion, calling local termite control professionals immediately is a must. Being aware of these indicators helps you recognize the problem before structural wood damage becomes advanced. Contact the termite control experts at Arizona Exterminating for a free inspection, and make termites a thing of the past.

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