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  • dozens of cockroach carcasses in a bug trap

    Cockroaches in Phoenix: Keep Your Home or Business Roach-Free

    They creep into Phoenix homes and businesses uninvited. They scurry across countertops and contaminate food and everything else in their way. That’s right – we’re talking about cockroaches, one of the most revolting and persistent creatures on the planet. They’ve survived for millennia, and they’re …

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  • Cockroach eating a pear

    Cockroaches and Allergies

    In addition to the other hazards posed by cockroach infestations, homeowners may be susceptible to allergic reactions. The first cockroach allergies were reported in 1943, but the fact that individuals can be allergic to cockroaches is still not widely known. The allergy is being considered …

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  • American Cockroach

    Common Arizona Cockroaches

    Arizona Cockroaches In Arizona, there are about 20 different species of cockroach. Many of these cockroach species live mainly outdoors and thrive in rural areas, but several species have adapted to urban setting and can become a nuisance in homes and commercial buildings. Most cockroach …

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