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  • a leaf with water droplets on it and a mosquito nearby

    Rain Isn’t All You’ll Get: Monsoons Mean Pests in Chandler

    Monsoons offer a break from the Arizona‚Äôs summer heat and dryness. A change in the weather might bring relief, but it also brings unwelcome guests. From pesky bugs to stinging pests, the rain and cooler air can drive a variety of insects to your home, …

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  • Blood Suckign Mosquito

    Are Mosquitoes More Attracted to You?

    You may have been at a picnic or relaxing outside in your yard when you suddenly began to get bombarded by mosquitoes. Meanwhile, friends and family standing right in the vicinity were apparently not as bothered by the assault. Is there something about you that …

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  • Mosquito biting and sucking blood

    Preventing Mosquito Bites

    Mosquitoes are annoying and can ruin a barbeque or outing. Mosquito bites are itchy and uncomfortable, and may cause illnesses or allergic reactions in some cases. The best way to avoid these complications is to prevent mosquito bites. Reduce Mosquito Bites In order to reduce …

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