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Crickets in Phoenix: Common to the Valley

You may not think of crickets as pests. After all, they’re forever linked in many of our minds with pleasant summer evenings. But once you’ve seen a giant cricket leaping across your bathroom floor, you’ll understand why we treat for them. Although they provide a soundtrack for lazy nights, they pose a surprising number of threats to households in Phoenix, AZ. Read on to find out why cricket control measures may be in order at your home.

The Role of the Cricket in Phoenix AZ

Crickets do play an important role in nature; they supply food to a variety of animals and insects. And did you know you can even gauge the temperature by taking the number of cricket chirps in 13 seconds and adding 40? This will tell you the approximate number of degrees in Fahrenheit. These insects are also harmless; they don’t bite or sting like many bugs.

Why You Need Cricket Control

Harmless though it may be, the humble cricket can be a nuisance. Some enjoy its steady chirp, while others find it constant, shrill, and disruptive to a good night’s sleep. Worse still, the little chirpers can do some serious damage to your home. They enjoy munching on fabrics and materials of all kind, even dining on wallpaper glue. They also attract scorpions and spiders –predators you surely don’t want roaming around.

How to Make Your Home Less Cricket-Friendly

Cricket aggregations can be found near gaps in your foundation, in stacks of firewood and nestled among piles of rocks. Keep firewood, vegetation, and other potential nesting or mating spots as far from your house as possible. Like other pests, the cricket is drawn inside looking for food, water, and more comfortable temperatures. They also enjoy dining on decaying plants. Replace or repair damaged or ill-fitting screens, and caulk or otherwise seal gaps, cracks and entryways. Keep your home, especially the kitchen, free of messes that could attract these and other bugs.

Although crickets may not seem dangerous, they present hazards – even if indirectly – to your family and your home. Whether you simply find their incessant chirping annoying or you want to keep them from eating household goods and attracting harmful predators to your home, cricket control is important to both your household and the structural integrity of your Phoenix, AZ home’s contents. Trust Arizona Exterminating with everything from cricket control to termite treatments.

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