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Don’t Let Phoenix Spiders Interrupt Your Holiday Decorating

From picking out the perfect wreath to stocking up on firewood, there’s a lot involved in getting your home holiday-ready. If you’ve spotted spiders scurrying across your floors or walls, you’ll want to put another item on your to-do list: trying out these effective pest control measures. There are plenty of ways to make your Phoenix home less spider-friendly so you can focus on the more festive side of the season.

De-Web Your Home

Help eliminate a spider infestation – whether it’s black widow spiders, brown spiders, or another eight-legged beast – by depriving arachnids of their webs. After moving furniture and other items to the center of the room, walk around the perimeter of your basement or other area where webs are found. Sweep them away with a broom or the vacuum cleaner, paying attention to ceilings, walls, and baseboards. While funnel web spider varieties build larger, more visible webs, check edges and corners for webs constructed by crevice spider species.

Pest Control for Spider Infestations

Spiders prey on insects, so getting rid of any bugs in your home will make it harder for the spider population to eat. Take away their hiding spots, too. Remove clutter, especially from dark spaces where arachnids tend to make themselves comfortable. Keep pests of all kinds from settling in with frequent dusting and vacuuming. Clean counters with naturally effective vinegar; it’s an all-natural cleaner, and the acetic acid makes it a great spider repellent.

Holiday Spider Hazards

From Christmas trees to boxes of decorations, the chance of finding a spider (or two, or three…) lurking in seasonal decor is pretty high. These items are stashed away for most of the year, usually in dimly lit attics or dusty garages. And if you’re heading out to retrieve wood for a cozy fire on a chilly night, watch out for potentially aggressive arachnids ready to defend their hiding spots. The last thing you need is a spider bite putting a damper on your holiday decorating activities.

Assistance from the Experts

Whether you’re trimming the tree or wrapping gifts, spiders are most likely somewhere in the background. Households all around Phoenix are looking for ways to keep these creepy crawlers from appearing out of nowhere at the worst possible times. Why let a spider invasion ruin your holiday prep time or embarrass you in front of guests? Contact Arizona Exterminating Co. today for a free inspection. We provide thorough, effective pest control prevention and treatments during the holidays and all year round.

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