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Freakish Facts About Arizona Cockroaches

No one likes cockroaches. They’re creepy, dirty, and incredibly invasive. If you needed more reasons to dislike this household pest, we have plenty. Check out these fascinating facts about everyone’s least favorite bug from your cockroach control experts in Arizona.

The Lazy, Eat-Anything Cockroach

Cockroaches are slackers. They spend only one quarter of their day up and about. This habit may or may not be due to their affinity for alcohol – especially beer. Since they aren’t exactly go-getters, it’s lucky for them they can survive for a week without water and a month without food. And they aren’t picky eaters; in fact, they’ll eat anything – including other cockroaches.

Strength and Speed: The Keys to the Cockroach’s Success

For all their weaknesses, roaches are a strong, hardy bunch. They’ve been around for a couple hundred million years, predating dinosaurs. They may owe their longevity as a species to traits like their abilities to live without a head for as long as a week and get by without oxygen for up to 40 minutes. They’re also fast runners, logging an amazing three miles an hour on those little legs. Maybe these many talents explain why the only continent they have yet to occupy is Antarctica. Give them time… It is a myth, though, that they can survive a nuclear blast.

Why Cockroaches Are Dangerous

If they only used their considerable powers for good, we might not feel the need to call in expert cockroach control the second we spot these icky creatures. Unfortunately, they also inflict a lot of damage on Arizona homes and businesses. The cockroach retains salmonella in its feces for a number of years, spreading the potentially fatal bacteria to humans via our food and eating utensils as it goes along. In addition, particles in their feces and decomposing bodies can trigger asthma and allergies.

Get Arizona Cockroach Control

Although we hate to admit it, roaches are fascinating creatures. Don’t get us wrong; we never want to see one in our house or place of business. But we have to admit being a little jealous of their longevity and laid-back attitude. If you spot one of these pests in your Arizona home or business, you might want to give your local pest control pros a call. Cockroach control could be the key to maintaining a healthy home.

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