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Pack Rats in Arizona

People with too much stuff aren’t the only pack rats. Arizona is home to a large number of these desert-dwelling rodents. Unfortunately, our communities are becoming more attractive to the pack rat population than their native desert habitats. Find out how proper pest control practices can keep these nuisances off your property.

Heading to the Suburbs

These rats are part of the desert ecosystem but often migrate to neighboring communities. Life is hard in the desert for these small animals, as they’re on the menu for bobcats, owls, and other larger predators. The suburbs offer access to fleshier cacti and better nesting opportunities.

The Problem with Pack Rats

This type of rat may not bite, emit venom, or look as threatening as many other rodents. However, the damage a pack rat can do to your property makes it a serious hazard. Besides leaving behind copious amounts of urine and fecal pellets, these rats hone their teeth by chewing on tubing, cables, and wires. Although they make nests outside, they go indoors mainly to chew. To make matters worse, they reproduce at a rapid pace.

Become Pack Rat-Resistant

Make your home less attractive to these annoying rodents. Clear seed pods and other debris from your lawn, and get rid of boxes and other clutter. The pack rat hates sunlight, so nests are usually found in dark, hidden spaces or beneath cacti. Their nests usually consist of leaves, seed pods, and other decaying natural materials. If you find a nest, sweep it away, seal it off, or expose it to light. Try these other tips as well:

  • Screen your attic
  • Place lighting around your property
  • Store patio furniture cushions at night
  • Ensure that your grill lid is tightly closed

Eliminate Pack Rat Infestations with Arizona Exterminating

In addition to finding nests, you may notice that your patio furniture pillows have been chewed. Other signs of an infestation include rat pellets and the sound of scurrying feet above you. If you think you have a pack rat living on your property, don’t try to poison it. This DIY method is unsafe and ineffective on many levels.

Pack rats can do a lot of damage to your home and belongings. Instead of going it alone, call in the professionals at Arizona Exterminating Company. We provide pest control treatments that get results without endangering people and other animals in Arizona communities.

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