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  • Termite Infestations in AZ: Pesky Critters

    In Arizona, termites are common household pests that can cause substantial damage to a person’s property if not dealt with promptly. Unfortunately, termites tend to build their colonies deep within the structure of a building which can make them harder to detect and treat. For …

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  • garden and tools

    DIY Tips to Prevent Weeds- Keep Gardens Gorgeous

      A gorgeous garden is every gardener’s dream, yet weeds are often the first plants to pop up through the soil. While weeds are inevitable even with the most careful garden tending, it is possible to keep them under control. To keep your garden well-groomed …

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  • Swarm of bees on wood siding

    Dealing With Africanized Bees Part 2

    Africanized bees have been making headlines since they first arrived in North America. While they have quickly earned a reputation for their aggressive behavior and often fatal attacks, it is possible to deal with Africanized bees in a way that will prevent dangerous stings. Here …

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  • Scorpion With Big Stinger

    Tips for Preventing Scorpions

    Scorpions are one of the most feared types of pests due to their ability to deliver a painful sting in self-defense. Although scorpions are most commonly encountered outdoors, they will sometimes invade buildings out of a need for shelter or sustenance. While scorpions do play …

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  • Flying Africanized Bee

    Dealing with Africanized Bees Part 1

    Africanized bees have officially set up residence in America and are the frequent subject of news reports that describe vicious attacks on humans and animals. While the sting of a traditional honeybee is painful enough, the aggressive nature of Africanized bees will cause them to …

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