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  • Ants marching in a line

    The Different Species of Ants in Arizona

    In Arizona, ants are among the most abundant insects that play an important role in the ecosystem. Ants make a positive contribution to their environment by helping to break down dead matter while aerating the soil. However, certain species of ants can damage property and …

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  • Pale Scorpion

    Common Species of Scorpions in Arizona

    Scorpions may be one of the most-feared household pests but the majority of scorpions are relatively harmless to humans. In Arizona, scorpions are so common that new species are still being found. According to USA Today, a new species named Vaejovis deboerae was discovered just …

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  • Pigeons Atop Of A Building

    Identify and Safely Remove Nuisance Birds

    Birds play an important role in the environment by helping to control insect populations. The down side of this is that an overpopulation of birds in an area also poses a health risk to humans and causes serious damage to property. Many wild birds are …

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  • Arizona Pests

    Questions Every Homeowner Should Ask Their Pest Control Company

      Pest control is an essential part of every home maintenance plan. Although do-it-yourself methods may work for the occasional pest, hiring a pest control company is the most effective way to treat serious infestations while preventing new ones from occurring. Here are the most …

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  • Trash bag labeled Infested with Bedbugs

    DIY Pest Control Myths

    Ask anyone about the best do-it-yourself pest control method, and you are likely to get a variety of answers. Unfortunately, there are many pest control myths circulating that are ineffective in eradicating a true infestation. If you have a problem with pests and need a …

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