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  • Flying Africanized Bee

    Dealing with Africanized Bees Part 1

    Africanized bees have officially set up residence in America and are the frequent subject of news reports that describe vicious attacks on humans and animals. While the sting of a traditional honeybee is painful enough, the aggressive nature of Africanized bees will cause them to …

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  • subterranean termites

    Identification and Prevention of Drywood Termites

    In nature, termites play a vital role in breaking down dead wood so that the beneficial products can be turned into soil. However, when termites invade a building, they can quickly cause substantial structural damages that can pose a risk to the safety of the …

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  • Close up of Brown Bug

    Surprising Facts About Bed Bugs

    Over the past several years, bed bug infestations have been on the rise, causing many travelers and home owners to carefully check their bedding and linens for signs of these nocturnal bugs. After watching numerous news reports, you likely know that bed bugs can be …

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