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Where to Spot Ticks in Arizona During Fall

We usually think of ticks as a hot-weather problem. Summer finds pet owners running to the veterinarian’s office for their annual round of tick control products, but it’s important to understand that the threat of a tick landing on your four-legged friends extends into the somewhat cooler fall months. Arizona Exterminating explains where to find these bloodsuckers — and how to avoid them.

Hiding Spots for Arizona Ticks

The most common place for ticks to hide out is in tall grass or vegetation. In a behavior known as questing, these pests lie in wait for a victim. They then latch onto a pant leg, sock, fur or other hiding spot and hop on for a ride. Keeping grass short goes a long way towards keeping your yard free of ticks. Get rid of any lawn debris immediately to reduce other potential hiding places.

Tick Control Away From Home

When you’re out and about, you’re at the mercy of nature and other property owners’ maintenance habits. When walking the trails, stick to wider paths, and avoid overgrown or debris-covered areas. Wear white or light-colored clothes and socks so you can see any tiny hangers-on. Keep your shirt tucked in to prevent ticks from attaching to your upper body. Don’t forget the bug spray; a DEET-based formula will keep exposed areas tick-free.

Inspection and Removal

As soon as you get home or come in from your yard, perform a thorough tick inspection on every member of the family – including pets. Fortunately, ticks grow larger in the fall, so they’re easier to spot. Check behind the ears and knees, around the hairline, between the toes, and in other nooks and crannies. After washing hands, remove any ticks with a fine-tipped pair of tweezers. Get as close to the skin as possible, and pull the critter directly out with a steady hand. If you plan on testing them for Lyme, place any found ticks in a baggie to be sent or taken to a lab. Don’t forget to inspect any gear and clothing that they may have hitched a ride on.

Inspections after a day outside are essential to the prevention of ticks in the home. If ticks makes their way into the home undetected, certain varieties will reproduce and spread. If you think you may have a tick infestation, contact Arizona Exterminating. We provide effective pest and tick control to homes and businesses, so contact us for a free inspection.

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