Chandler, AZ Pest Control

Apartments on the street in Chandler, AZ

Chandler, AZ is known for its high quality of life and numerous family amenities. Yet, pests often interrupt the comforts of this southeastern Phoenix suburb. While they may make their presence known here, Arizona Exterminating Co. has a variety of pest control services to change that.

Termite Exterminator Services

Termites are not only a nuisance, but can cause serious damage to your Chandler home or business – and your wallet. Our state-of-the-art treatment technology ensures these pests are eradicated and stay away for good. At Arizona Exterminating Co., our termite control services cover four main types of termites in Arizona, including desert subterranean termites, arid-land subterranean termites, western drywood termites, and desert dampwood termites. This, combined with our pestfree365 program, ensures you’re pest free all year long – guaranteed.

Additional Pest Control Services

We’ve seen firsthand the damage pests can cause if they’re not taken care of quickly and effectively. That’s why we’re armed with both residential and commercial pest control services to keep you covered wherever and whenever. Some of our additional services include:

Licensed Exterminators in Chandler, AZ

An entrepreneurial and friendly city, Chandler, AZ is a great place to work and live, and we want to make sure pests don’t hinder that. At Arizona Exterminating Co., we have quality pest control services and state-licensed technicians to stop them in their tracks.

If you’ve got a pest problem, give us a call to set up an inspection.

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