Bee and Wasp Nest Removal

Single Bee on White Background

Have you noticed an inordinate number of bees and wasps near your business? Is there a bee hive or a wasp nest located somewhere on your property? Don’t wait to get stung, call Arizona Exterminating Co. and have the offending bees or wasps removed from your property.

Arizona Exterminating Co.  is a premier exterminating service that specializes in bee and wasp removal and extermination. As bees and wasps are an important component to the ecosystem, it is always preferable to remove hives and have them relocated to less populous areas, where they are in less contact with humans. However, should trapping prove impossible Arizona Exterminating Co. will dispatch bees or wasps using traditional extermination methods.

Our highly trained team of removal professionals will remove hives and bees and wasps without damaging your property. Safety is our number one priority and we’ll take every precaution throughout the extermination process.

Arizona Exterminating Co.  is fully licensed and insured and prepared to remove the bees and wasps from your property, regardless of scope of infestation.

Don’t wait to get stung, call Arizona Exterminating Co. today at and we will help!