Pheromone Traps

Arizona Exterminating Co. uses pheromone traps to best serve our customers Integrated Pest Management needs. Such type of traps are used for Detection, Monitoring, Mass Trapping, Mating Pheremone trapDisruption, and as an Attracticide. Pheromones are non-toxic, naturally occurring scents produced by insects to communicate and find each other.

Pheromones can be used as an early warning system to detect specific pest in newly arrived food commodities.

Our pheromone traps are available for clothes moths, carpet beetles, cockroaches, and various stored food pests like the flour beetle, the Indian meal moth and grain moth. They are also effective for flying insects.

Our pest control specialists will organize a monitor replacement program and provide you with electronic reporting when needed.

For more details on our pheromone trap service call the Arizona Exterminating Co. experts today!