Subterranean Termite Control

Termites cause more damage than tornadoes, hail storms, wind storms, and hurricanes combined and cost Americans an estimated $1 billion each year.

Termite Treatment

Commodity FumigationSubterranean termites can devour and destroy the wood structure of any building. Unless checked, the damage will lead to extensive repair work costing thousands of dollars-dollars you can save through a proper detection, treatment and prevention program.
Subterranean termites begin their destructive process by attacking foundation timbers or other wood close to the ground. From this strategic point, they move their attack to other parts of a building and establish new colonies.

Reproduction intensifies the problem.

Arizona Exterminating Co.  uses modern procedures to create a repellent barrier between your building and the ground.

The barrier effectively prevents new termites from entering to the ground for the moisture they need to survive.

Our specialists are the experts in the treatment of Subterranean Termites.

Arizona Exterminating Co. has up to date equipment and new vehicles. Our newest subterranean termite truck is equipped with the top of the line treating unit. This truck has dual pumps and hoses for liquid and foam treatments. Modern subterranean termite control methods combine the use of foam and liquid termiticides.


Due to their biology and habits, subterranean termites are a major challenge in Arizona. The Sentricon Colony Elimination System takes advantage of the subterranean termites’ behavior. Here is how it works:
First, an Arizona Exterminating Co. representative will inspect your home for signs of an existing infestation and then make a diagram that will be used as a guideline by the technician that installs the stations. Sentricon stations will be placed in the soil around your home. These stations will be monitored regularly to detect signs of termite activity. When termites are discovered, they will be exposed to a special termite bait. The termites eat the bait, return to their colonies and send others from their colony out to feed. This leads to the decline of the colony and eventually to complete colony elimination. After the colony is eliminated, monitoring continues to ensure against future infestations.

Arizona Exterminating Co. is an authorized pest control firm which has undergone extensive training on the effective use of the Sentricon Colony Elimination System. Selecting a qualified subterranean termite control firm is an important decision because Sentricon is an ongoing process.

For a reliable termite control solution call the Arizona Exterminating Co. experts today !