Lawn Weed Control in Arizona

Outside an Arizona HomeThe old adage “A good offense is the best defense” couldn’t be more true when battling lawn weeds. Lawn weeds are the inevitable enemy and will take over your yard if nothing is done to stop them. A single weed may be capable of dropping hundreds or thousands of seeds, where they can last decades just waiting for the right conditions to take root. Pre-emergent herbicides are chemicals that prevent the germinating weeds from establishing in your yard without doing any harm to the surrounding established plants. These herbicides control weeds by inhibiting cell division in the young root system. The failure of the root system to develop results in the death of the young seedling weed shortly after germination.

Our lawn weed control service is backed by an uncompromising goal towards quality and your satisfaction. If you need reliable service, Arizona Exterminating Co. should be your choice.

Got Weeds?

Here are the basics:

  • Our company will come to your home shortly after contacted and provide a professional service that includes both pre and post emergent to your home.
  • Pre-emergent will kill off the seed underground before they turn into weeds.
  • Post-emergent will burn current weeds that are already showing up in your yard.
  • We recommend for this to be done to your home twice a year. The first time being now, during the fall season, the second time in the spring.

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