Arizona Termite Control

Termite Treatment

Termites are a considerable problem in Arizona. They cause extensive and crippling damage to homes, offices, and other structures throughout the state. More concerning is that they are extremely hard to detect before costly damage has been done. To combat these nuisance termites, Arizona Exterminating utilizes state-of-the-art treatment technology. Our comprehensive services cover everything from early detection to termite treatment.

Common Arizona Termites

All residents in Arizona are susceptible to pests, but those living in the Phoenix and Tucson  metro areas are at a higher risk for termite damage because of their location and plenty of structures available as termite food. We typically deal with four main types of termites in Arizona, including:

  • Desert Subterranean Termites: This species typically lives in desert plants. However, they do cause severe termite damage to timbers in buildings and other structures. Their colonies can easily contain over 300,000 termites, often creating separate colonies for added growth.
  • Arid-land Subterranean Termites: These are the most common termite in Arizona and are typically found near rivers, streams, and canyonlands. Despite its attraction to moist areas, it is essentially a desert and prairie species.
  • Western Drywood Termites: Found in Southwestern states, drywood termites account for much of the termite damage to drywood in Arizona. They are attracted to human activity and build their colonies in the same wood they eat.
  • Desert Dampwood Termites: This species infests wood at or below ground level in dry regions. They typically target trees and bushes.

All of these species maintain large colonies and can enter your home through even the smallest of cracks.

How We Treat Arizona Termites

Our licensed technicians provide comprehensive treatment to eliminate any termite problem you may face. Our termite treatment is backed by an uncompromising commitment to quality and your satisfaction. From installing monitors for early detection to administering perimeter soil treatment to localized solutions, our services protect you from start to finish.

Prevention and Control

Take advantage of our proven pest control technologies in and around the state of Arizona by being aware of the signs for early detection. The most visible signs of a termite infestation take years to accumulate, and once detected are often in the form of very serious damage. To prevent more costly treatment and repairs, look for these small clues of an infestation:

  • Soft or hollow wood on your furniture or house
  • Narrow mud tubes inside or outside of your home, in which termites use to travel to and from food and water sources
  • Discarded wings or termite corpses especially near window sills

At Arizona Exterminating, our termite monitors and Pestfree365 service work in conjunction to prevent serious pest damage and to keep your termite treatment costs as low as possible. View our local service locations or schedule your free inspection by filling out the form on this page to avoid any major, costly termite issues.